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1. Why choose the Dr.Erfan Vision Institute?

2. What do other patients say?

3. How can I schedule a consultation?

4. Is vision correction right for me?

5. Can I drive immediately after having LASIK?

6. What type of anesthetic is used for

7. Is LASIK a painful procedure?

8. How long does the eye take to heal after surgery?

9. How long will be out of work after having LASIK?

10. Can I play sports after having LASIK?

11. What doese LASIK stand for ?

12. How long has LASIK been performed ?

13. Why is LASIK considered an advancement in refractive su rgery ?

14. Who can benefit from LASIK ?

15. Is LASIK still an investigational procedure ?

16. If i have LASIK and my vision changes later in life ,can it be redone ?

17. How long will the LASIK procedure take ?

18. How long will it take before I can have my best vision?

19. Will there be a need for glasses after LASIK?

20. Is LASIK a safe procedure?

21. Who is a good candidate for LASIK ?

22. Will I have perfect 20/20 vision after having LASIK?

23. Will both eyes be done the same time ?

24. How long must my contact lenses be out prior to the consultation ?

25. How long must my contact lenses be out prior to having LASIK ?

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