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About Dr.Erfan

General Ophthalmology, Corneal and External Diseases
Laser Vision Correction
Location: Iran Tehran and South California (Orang county) USA

Nasser Erfan, MD joined the team at the Center For  Cataract and Refractive surgery in Eye Care in 1983 specializing in refractive, corneal and cataract eye surgery.

Dr Erfan is board certified Ophthalmologist and American fellowship-trained in cornea and refractive surgery.he is also an active member of the American academy of ophthalmology,and international society of refractive surgery(ISRS),and American society of cataract and refractive surger(ASCRS). He has experience of eye surgery since 1980.during the past two decades Dr Erfan has successfully perfomed thousands of refractive eye surgery

.Dr. Erfan is one of the pioneers in the field of refractive surgery in Iran . Within the last two decades in which Refractive Surgery has been flourishing, Dr. Erfan has been working closely with experts in his field to further advance his techniques as a surgeon.

Within our lifetime eye surgery has made many advancements in the world. Fortunately, Iran has also shared in this success. Dr. Erfan and his colleagues have personally experienced these advancements first hand. For the safety and improvement in refractive surgery Dr Erfan has performed research on dry eye and oil gland problems of the eye. He is able to apply a variety of techniques to help those individuals with significant dry eye problems.Dr Erfan has performed a wide variety of refractive surgeries, including PRK, LASIK, LASEK, epi-LASIK and no injection sutureless cataract surgery. He is also an investigator for the Phakic Refractive Lens (PRL), which is a new technique where a plastic lens is inserted into the eye to treat severe myopia or hyperopia.

Dr. Erfan greatest satisfaction is indeed his success in his professional career, as well his interest in the traditional Persian music and sport, which are the basis for his peaceful personal life.

He started learning music in his adolescence years and continued his professional training the vocal Radif with the Late master Mahmoud Karimi (may God bless his soul). He is familiar with the  Radifha and Goosheha in Persian music and his close friendship with many of the famous instructors and performers of this art has enabled him to learn and perform it more efficiency. According to Dr. Erfan sport and music had been major hobbies and complimentary factors during the educational years of my life .

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